The 18 Wonders of the Houston Hackathon

Houston”s second annual Hackathon wrapped up on Sunday, June 1 at the Houston Technology Center.  In all, there were 18 projects ranging from a hardware device to reduce “hot car” fatalities to an app aimed at giving a face and voice to Houston”s homeless.  The big winner?  A map that displays all of the blighted properties in Houston, along with their case history and tax records.

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Houston Hackathon Halfway Point


We”re about halfway through the Houston Hackathon, and we”ve got a ton of interesting projects. I missed about seven or eight teams because they left for the day. But the folks grinding into the night are coming up with some great ideas. Come down to the Houston Technology Center tomorrow (Sunday) at 1230p to hear the final version. Here”s what we have so far:

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