City of Houston Launches Performance Improvement Portal


Today, Mayor Parker announced the launch of the Performance Improvement Portal, a City website that provides insight into how the City measures its departments and responds to casino online citizen requests.  The website also promotes open data and civic innovation projects (think hackathons, writeathons, and community challenges).  I”m really excited to see the City take big steps towards greater efficiency and transparency.

Check out the City”s press release here.

Check out the Chronicle”s coverage here.


  • Need more info on requested drainage complaints, how many request open for street assessments, how many miles of sidewalk repairs requested and how many city plan on repairing via city’s 3 sidewalk programs, why NO INFO on what streets, drainage projects are on Houston’s worst first repairs as per Mayor???

  • There are problems when using multiple filter layers….
    Council district
    Super Neighborhoods

    When using a number of these some filters are opening nor changing the requested data.

  • Hi Tracy – thanks for the feedback. Those layers might be an issue with Tableau (the software that the City is using for data viz). Regarding info on projects, we’re working on getting departments to open up more datasets. Please write your Council Member and ask them to help the process along.

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